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I’m an experienced Digital Content Designer turned Brand and Media manager, for a leading commercial bespoke electrical distribution products and solutions business.

For the last ten years, I have been creating content, both digital and print, for a commercial business where technical information needs to be easily digested by non-technical people. This includes designing all marketing material (brochures, price lists, website illustrations, photography and copy), website design, exhibition and showroom design and adverts and email newsletters. Always trying to see the customer’s point of view has been the key to success. Researching the target audience, speaking to, and questioning the end user brings a clearer perspective on the best way to deliver the information they need.

Being proficient in both 2D and 3D design, alongside my skills as a copywriter has allowed me to communicate ideas, both simple and complicated to customers and clients. I am highly passionate about design and ensuring that good design is making a difference to whether a potential customer stays or goes. Combining my skills as a graphic & web designer, with my knowledge of content marketing and branding allows me to provide a full service from content design for web or print.
In a digital and soon to be “mobile first world”, there are now multiple audience platforms available to businesses. With customer expectations of their suppliers continuing to rise, advances in automation, measurable insights and a strong focus on user experience, navigation simplicity are all now major factors to the success of a business within this new digital age.